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CRI InkChemistry

 Color Resolutions International’s (CRI) InkChemistry is an innovative, proprietary ink system that will change the way you look at package printing.

By integrating specialized laboratory, technical and manufacturing capabilities, CRI’s InkChemistry scientists have developed more than 40 ink base concentrates. These concentrates are then combined with more than a dozen blending vehicles that can be added, deleted or modified for specific substrates, press equipment and ink metering specifications.

CRI’s InkChemistry also adds value by combining special resins and additives to the appropriate color dispersions. Depending upon your specific package printing needs, we can formulate various ink grades for Flexogrpahic, Gravure and coating applications – giving you greater flexibility in your printing applications and simplifying the process at the same time.

CRI is your printing resource for corrugated boxes, displays, and folding cartons, plastic bags, labels, envelopes, gift wrap and other package printing needs.