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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just some of the questions frequently asked of Color Resolutions International. If you have additional questions relating to CRI, our unique InkChemistry®, products, or services to converters and printers, please use the Contact Us link for a prompt answer.

Q.  What are CRI’s primary services to converters in the package printing, label and envelope markets?
A.  Color Resolutions International specializes in formulating ink systems to aid the converter/printer in achieving the high impact color and graphics required of today’s consumer packages. CRI goes an important step beyond simply formulating ink systems. We use our accumulated experience and know-how to work with the printer as a partner to assure maximum performance and efficiency at the press site. Our job isn’t done until the package is printed according to specifications and in the most cost-efficient way.

Q. How can CRI help me to improve our printing process?
A.  First, we can review your printing processes. Once this review is completed we can make recommendations on ways to improve quality, higher throughput and press run efficiency.

Q.  Please explain CRI’s unique use of InkChemistry® .
A.  InkChemistry® is CRI’s innovative system that reviews the best combinations of environmentally friendly resins, additives and pigment dispersions that are available globally to produce the unique formulations required for demanding applications. When combined with our technical know-how and knowledge of printing presses and processes, there is hardly any application process we can’t help the converter or printer master.

Q. What if I need a specially formulated ink for a new substrate?
A.  Formulating custom systems and colors for new and different substrates and unique press configurations is a challenge for which we are particularly well suited.

Q.  How do I know CRI water-based inks will perform satisfactorily in our printing process?
A.  At Color Resolutions International, we work closely with the major manufacturers of printing presses, anilox rolls, rubber-rollers and doctor blades. We design our ink systems to be compatible with your printing press and processes.

Q. Does CRI offer UV curable inks and coatings for special applications?
A. Yes, CRI can provide UV curable inks for your applications where fast curing, rub resistance, high gloss, odor control or migration are issues. Just contact your CRI Sales Specialist for information.

Q. How do I work with CRI to grow my package printing business?
A.  First, know that CRI  is a ready partner and a majority of our customers have been customers for a long time. Our mission is to make certain your finished printed packages are all that your customers want them to be. We recognize that the press room environment is a dynamic one, and our services are designed to provide you with more than just top-quality inks – we strive to assure that you’ll have the best finished printed packages available today.