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A Sustainability Action Plan

OUR PLEDGE...To live and work with integrity well within the limits of nature and use science and common sense to advance sustainability in all its forms for the betterment of the environment, the community, our associates, our suppliers and customers.

OUR COMMITMENT TO...Manage our operations to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Develop products that contain maximum levels of renewable components while meeting our customers’ exacting requirements.

Partner with suppliers who themselves are committed to sustainability and who actively support our initiatives.

Support customers in achieving their own sustainability objectives by helping them to recycle product and container waste and to realize the maximum value from our products and services.

Work with associate(customer) suppliers to help design application processes that will eliminate or reduce product waste.

Follow a business model that focuses on bringing clear value to our customers to assure the financial stability and success of our enterprise.

Promote health, safety and education among our associates to ensure general well-being as well as career and personal growth.

Meet or exceed all International, Federal, State and Local regulations designed to protect individuals and the environment.


SUSTAINABILITY FACTSHEET...Learn more about our sustainability programs.

SUSTAINABILITY SCORECARD...See the results of our sustainability programs.