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About Us


CRI brings a unique capability to fine graphics printers of packaging. We supply more than just the finest formulations of inks from our state-of-the-art laboratories. We also supply the knowledge to apply those inks in your printing plant to meet the needs of any customer’s design or substrate. Many of North America’s leading brands benefit from CRI’s in-depth printing know-how and ability to work at the point of application to help achieve maximum color and efficiency with every press run.

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Call on Color Resolutions International experts when you have a challenging printing project or require a special ink formulation to achieve the ideal colors for your printed project.

Core Values


  • Proactively delivering the most consistent and highest quality products and services available.
  • Relentlessly pursuing knowledge of all variables affecting the application of our products and services, and using this knowledge to help each customer to be the best they can be in the reproduction of graphic images.
  • Encouraging innovation, individual initiative, and growth for all associates while working every day as an effective team to meet our commitments to both our internal and external customers.
  • Living and working with integrity well within the limits of nature and using science and common sense to advance sustainability in all its forms for the betterment of the environment, the community, our associates, suppliers and customers.

Core Purpose


To contribute to our customers’ success by aiding them everyday in the application of color by providing the proper formulations and expertise.

Our Strategy


To market superior formulated products and associated services to consumer packaging and specialty converters whose success is based on the efficient application of colors and coatings and who view partnerships with key suppliers as an important competitive advantage.