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Display Quality (DQ)

The line of custom-matched Display Quality (DQ)™ aqueous flexographic inks is recommended for printing on corrugated display packaging when exacting graphic reproduction and maximum color intensity are required. The inks allow users to meet the high-impact requirements of display and other point-of-purchasing packaging. Display Quality (DQ)™ inks are best suited to bleached or clay-coated stock. They perform well on high speed, multi-unit presses equipped for in-Iine die cutting. Excellent flow properties produce clean, sharp printing. Fast drying reduces tracking and smearing. The inks are available in transparent and process colors, low copper formulations and pearlescence as an alternative to metallics. Typically the inks run on two-roll and some bladed presses using anilox roll line screens ranging from 200 to 400 and BCMs of 4.5 or higher. They clean up easily and will not plug anilox rolls or dry hard on plates. Performance features inlcude:

  • Maximum Color Strength
  • Hard Drying Without Tracking or Smearing
  • Clean, Sharp Printing
  • Low Barium - No barium is intentionally added to the formulations

Color Resolutions International (CRI) formulates ink systems using unique, proprietary chemistry that is both environmentally and application friendly.  Each system has been designed with specific press configurations and substrates in mind.   However, CRI will custom formulate, upon request, inks to meet almost any set of performance criteria.  Please consult with your CRI Technical Sales/ Service Representative to assist you in choosing the proper ink system for your application.

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