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Gecko Flex Skid Resistant Overprint

Color Resolutions International (CRI) introduces its new Gecko Flex skid-resistant aqueous flexographic overprint for corrugated printing. The unique chemistry of this product provides a high kinetic coefficient of friction that continues to provide ‘braking’ even after the product begins to slide. Designed to impart high coefficient-of-friction (COF) properties when properly applied over flexographic inks or directly to the corrugated substrate. It is especially suited for end uses such as beer and beverage containers where skid-resistant properties are critical. It also offers good rub resistance.

Gecko Flex Skid Resistant Overprint performs well at high press speeds, contains no abrasive properties and maintains its skid resistant properties after post curing. Its water base system allows easy clean-up of equipment.

Key performance features include:

  • Fast Drying
  • Maintains Skid-Resistance After Post Curing
  • High Kinetic Coefficient of Friction
  • Low Wearing of Anilox Rolls

Slide Angle: Low to mid 30’s dependent on substrate and film weight, but has a very high kinetic COF that yields better skid-resistance than conventional coatings having higher static values. See a demonstration on YouTube.

Consult with a CRI technical representative to discuss your specific requirements at 800-346-8570 or request information at

CRI MSDS Click here to view the MSDS on the above product