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Hi Value (HV)

The standard line of Hi Value aqueous flexographic inks is recommended for printing on natural kraft corrugated stock where cost is the primary consideration. These inks are formulated to match the 22 "front page" GCMI Edition IX colors on natural kraft. They also perform well on mottled stock in applications where the graphics and exactness of color are not critical.

Typically, the inks run on two-roll and some bladed presses using analox roll line screens between 165 and 220 and BCMs of 8 and up. The inks clean up easily with water.

The Hi Value inks are manufactured in bulk at a central location on dedicated equipment to assure batch-to-batch consistency and aid in off-press consistency. They are made with alternatives to barium-containing pigments to enhance their environmental acceptability. Among their performance features:

  • Cost Effective
  • Good Matches to GCMI Edition IX Colors On Natural Kraft Dry On Wide Range Of Equipment
  • Good Coverage On Rough Linerboard Surfaces
  • Low Barium - No barium is intentionally added to the formulations

Color Resolutions International (CRI) formulates ink systems using unique, proprietary chemistry that is both environmentally and application friendly.  Each system has been designed with specific press configurations and substrates in mind.   However, CRI will custom formulate, upon request, inks to meet almost any set of performance criteria.  Please consult with your CRI Technical Sales/ Service Representative to assist you in choosing the proper ink system for your application.

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