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Label Cure

Label Cure is a UV- curable, flexographic, ink system which meets the demands of producing high quality labels.  Depending upon application, these inks can be overprinted or laminated are designed for use on both paper and top coated films for narrow web presses. These inks are formulated with low viscosities and exhibit very low plate swell, thereby providing the converter a consistent, energy cured system.
Label Cure inks are high strength, and run well on presses with anilox rolls up to 1500 lines per inch exhibiting excellent run-ability, minimal dot gain and fast cure when used for process and fine line screen printing.  Label cure inks are available in balanced systems or can be custom formulated to your specific application. Key characteristics include:

  • High gloss
  • Fast cure
  • No to low plate swell
  • Excellent chemical resistance and adhesion characteristics
  • Good for use on labels for glass and plastic bottles
  • Ideal for long run prime label on paper and top coated films where consistency is important

Color Resolutions International (CRI) formulates ink systems using unique, proprietary chemistry that is both environmentally and application friendly.  Each system has been designed with specific press configurations and substrates in mind.   However, CRI will custom formulate, upon request, inks to meet almost any set of performance criteria.  Please consult with your CRI Technical Sales/ Service Representative to assist you in choosing the proper ink system for your application.

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