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Folding Carton Inks

Flexography is rapidly gaining market share in printing folding cartons. Color Resolutions International provides flexographic printing inks to meet the needs of converters and printers for bright , sharp colors and performance properties such as excellent alkali resistance and fade & slip.

If you are printing folding cartons for milk, juice or food, you’ll appreciate the aqueous flexo inks from Color Resolutions International. Flexography lends itself to economical printing of short runs, facilitates quick copy changes and rivals the quality of lithography and rotogravure. CRI can help you achieve the high gloss and quality look you need for you folding carton printing.

And, our technical specialists will provide you with the expertise at the press site to make certain you achieve maximum printing performance using CRI inks.

Inks for Printing Folding Cartons

Poly V Aqueous
Specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion to polycoated board containers. Exhibit very low odor/taste contribution to milk, tea and non-carbonated beverages.
Newtrol™ Aqueous
Aqueous flexographic inks are specifically formulated to run at neutral pH values on paperboard substrates. Newtrol inks have been proven to provide superior press stability over long press runs.

Abhesives for Folding Cartons and Food Packaging

Poly Aqueous Abhesive
For polyethylene coated board containers for milk, juice and food cartons. Provides excellent adhesion characteristics, good resolubility, excellent controlled release, etc.
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