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CodeStream is a translucent, water-based laser markable coating that produces a high quality mark when activated by a low power laser. Laser markable coating for marking variable data codes on labels and packaging for:

• UPC Barcode
• Lot & Batch Number
• Expiration Date
• Datamatrix Code
• 2D Code
• E-Pedigree
• Logo Brands

Unlike other marking methods, CodeStream does not release VOC’s, solvents, or airborne particulates on the packaging line. Compatible with most laser writing packaging equipment, it is the first laser marking trechnology that is consistently readable, verifiable, and unalterable.

CodeStream laser marking and coding provides:

• Consistent imaging quality
• Maximum product throughput
• Speed and compatibility
• Maximum product security
• Track and trace e-pedigree
• Sustainable and eco-friendly

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CodeStream is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A.

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Please consult with your CRI Technical Sales/ Service Representative or email for additional information about the CodeStream variable marking system.